How to Avoid an Accident on road

Road Traffic deaths are a serious concern not in our country but through out the world. Our future citizens the young people are the Amin age group , dying on roads.

The very simple rule to avoid an accident on road is accepting that “Road Safety is our own Responsibility” . Lets stop obeying the traffic rules just for the sake of avoiding challans and fear of police. Lets behave on roads for the sake of our loved ones who are waiting us back home.

Here are few quick tips :

  1. Plan your journey ; Always calculate about the time to your destination and leave for it well in advance keeping in mind few uncertain issues like traffic jam etc. This would not pressure you speed up or rash driving.
  2. Check Your Vehicle : Always conduct daily check of your vehicle before sitting behind the wheel looking for general and simple technical checks like tyre pressure ,wipers, Head lights and indicators etc. Do check all required documents are there in your vehicle like DL,RC ,insurance etc.These simple check shall not put you in trouble on roads.
  3. Before Starting the engine : Look for loose articles under seats especially on driver’s seat, adjust all mirrors ,adjust seat, wear safety gadgets like seat belt and ISI marked helmet.
  4. Speed : Remember SPEED is is major contributory factor in most of crashes and fatalities . Speed increases the severity of injury also. Always drive respecting the posted speeds. Safe and slow speed is related directly with reaction time and stopping distance. Always stay alert around schools and observe 25km/h speed limits in school zones.
  5. Wrong side Driving : Never try to indulge in wrong side driving .It would risk the liv es of both yours and other road users.
  6. Distract driving :Keep in mind Driving is not a leisure activity on road. Stop use of Mobile phone for taking calls ,texting etc . It is most dangerous. Do not look at mobile on traffic signal even. Inculcate habit of keeping DRIVING MODE/DO NOT DISTURB mode activated while driving . Stay away from all kind of other distractions also.
  7. Respecting Red Light: Jumping Red light is a threat to both you and other road users . Stay behind the zebra crossings keeping in mind that our own children, parents and family members are crossing the zebra crossing .Never Jump Red Light.
  8. Maintain your lane : Always stick to your lane and change if required with all necessary cautions like slowing down, indicating the intentions, observing safe passage etc.
  9. Overtaking : Always overtake form left side with all due care. Do not decide and act in hurry and panic. Better wait and stay behind till the right opportunity came. Do not speed up when somebody trying to overtake you.
  10. Low beams : drive on low beams to avoid dazzling the other road users.

Keep observing all rules of the road and stay calm . Stay safe on roads

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