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Announcements and Achievements

#CommitToAct Week of Action

NGO led campaign calling for government decision makers to make specific, measurable road safety commitments and put these commitments into Action.

Special UN Accreditation to Avoid Accident

The United Nations has approved the Special Accreditation status to Avoid Accident for High Level Meeting on Improving Road Safety in UN Headquarters .

National Awards

Two National Awards for working on Road safety and Good Samaritan Law has been awarde to us in National Road safety Month 2021.​

Quality Reviewer Accreditation

iRAP Supplier on Star Rating for Schools SR4S The Quality Reviewer Accreditation.An important expertise to secure lives of children

Making Headlines

Global Plan Of Decade of Action Plan For Road Safety 2021-2030

Our Impact Stories

Ban On dangerous Advertisement

The dangerous advertisements which instigate risky behaviors among people especially youth and two-wheeler riders, that contribute maximum shares in crashes, fatalities and injuries have been reported to the Advertisement Standard Council of India ASCI. Finally, the advertisement was banned after long hearings.

Safe Speed Limits 25Km/H around Schools in Punjab

With our Road Safety Campaign Safe Schools Secure Journeys #MysafetyisMyright , we got grand success in bringing a big policy change in speed limits in state of Punjab. The Government of Punjab has kindly included the Safe and Slow Speed limit of 25Km/H around schools and issued notification on 1April 2022.

Road Infrastructure Improvement

With our drive Making Mohali a safer City for road Users we are able to bring desired changes in basic road safety infrastructure with cooperation of Municipal Corporation ,GMADA, Mayor of Mohali , DRSC



“Mobility is about getting people to where they want to go – efficiently, conveniently, and safely. “The sustainable & cities do not believe to solve mobility & issues by building more roads or widening the roads but by building high quality facilities for public transport and Non Motorized transport.



“The design of roads can have a considerable impact on their safety”.

Everyday 25 children are dying on the roads in India. Each death and each injury violates a child’s right to an education. We can’t allow these tragedies to continue.



“More must be done, not just to prevent crashes, but also to deliver justice and mitigates the suffering of victims.”

Out loved ones were not lost. We know where they are. They were killed on the road, too often by law-breaking  drivers.